BanseokCorporation Establishment

Consulting Type

Corporation Type

(1) Foreign investment corporation: Check the PMA investment restricted industries, check the shareholding ratio of the investment permitted industry
(2) Local investment corporation: PMDN (investment amount of Rp 1 billion or more), Swasta Nasional (1 billion Rp or less)
(3) Liaison office: R/O (Representative Office) sales activities not permitted/R&D activities permitted

Corporate Business Type

(1) Trading: Must be located in an office building or RUKAN (Rumah Kantor/Commercial Building)
(2) Manufacturing: Must be located in an industrial complex.
(3) Construction industry: Foreign ownership (67%) + Local construction company ownership (33%)
(4) Restaurant industry: Maximum foreign ownership (100%)

The Procedure

Trade Industry

Manufacturing: (Established within the industrial complex)

Construction Business License

(1) above