1Ah Sung Abadi PerkasaGenerator & Coffee MakingMotorcycle Components & Coffee Processing Industry
2Air Clean TechMachineMachinery Industry for other general purposes
3Anugerah Pelangi SuksesCooking OilCooking Oil & Palm Oil Industry
4Aramin Food IndonesiaFood Industry CateringTrade in Food Goods & Services
5Asa Kreasi IndoElectricalElectrical Building Construction
6Azu Glovis InternationalTradeBig Trade
7Baeksan Mulia IndonesiaTradeLarge trade
8Bangun Pratama PropertyReal EstateOwned or rented Real Estate
9Berlian Mulia CiptaFabric SewingApparel Industry (Convection) from textiles
10Bina Bumi Adidaya (BBA)TradeLarge trade
11Boryeong Ini KoreaMetal ManufacturingPrecious Base Metal Manufacturing Industry
12Byucksan Paint IndonesiaTradeLarge trade
13Cassia JayaBeverage IndustryFood and Beverage Services (Restaurant)
14Changhwa Energy Co.LtdMarket ResearchMarket Research and Public Opinion Polls
15Cheil Abrasive IndonesiaGrindingIndustry
16Choeun MedicalMedical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade of Other Products Including YTDL Leftovers & Scraps
17Choyang JayaTrade IndustryBig Trade
18Choyang Jaya PerkasaHealth EquipmentMedical Device Trading
19Choyang Sehat IndonesiaTrade IndustryLarge trade
20City Tech PerkasaTrade IndustryLarge trade
21Citra Multikreasi BintangTrade IndustryBig Trade
22Chunga Harapan IndonesiaHousehold ItemsWholesale trade in household equipment and supplies
23Core ResourceCoal MineMining Services
24Daebak Korea Language CourseKorean Language EducationCourse
25Daedeok Enviro IndonesiaMetal RecyclingRecycling of Non-Metal Items
26Daehong Communication IndonesiaManagementConsultation Management
27Dae Young TextileManufacturingIndustry
28Daewon Teknik IndonesiaManufacturingIndustry
29Dinamika MuliaTrade IndustryLarge trade
30Daun Hijau SegarFood IndustryWholesale Food and Beverage Trade
31DKU Aseba IndonesiaReal Estate DevelopmentOwned or rented Real Estate
32Dongil CastingManufacturingIndustry
33Dohwa Engineering Co.LtdRepresentative OfficeKPPA
34Dong Lim ChemicalChemistryCHEMISTRY
35Dongsuh IndonesiaChemical Organic MatterBasic Organic Chemical Industry Sourced from Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal.
36Dongwoo Surfacetech IndonesiaMetal ProcessingIndustrial Services for Various Special Work on Metals and Metal Products
37Duta Tong Yang IndonesiaTrade IndustryLarge trade
38Faceflux International IndonesiaCosmeticsCosmetics Wholesaling
39Fajar Tunggal NasionalClothesClothes
40Fibertek PrimaClothesWholesale trade (export) of goods resulting from textile production
41Fiki Group NusantaraManufacturingIndustry
42G & B IndonesiaInstrumentMusical instrument industry
43Gadel InternasionalMedical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade in Household Equipment and Supplies
44Global Jaeil MedicalMedical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment
45Grand Jaya MandiriPlastic Packaging MaterialPlastic Goods Industry for packaging
46Hana Commerce IndonesiaKitchen Appliance Trade IndustryHousehold wholesale trade
47Hanagill Jaya IndonesiaCopy Machine TradeWholesale Trade in Photography Equipment and optical goods
48Haesidola CargoTrafficTransportation Management Services
49High Solutech IndonesiaMetalIndustrial Services for Various Special Work on Metals and Metal Products
50Hasang Operation And MaitenaceHydroelectric Power PlantWater electricity generation
51Haekang Industry JayaManufacturingIndustry
52Hexagon Investment IndonesiaReal EstateOwned or rented Real Estate
53Highend Technologies IndonesiaManufacturingMachinery industry for other general purposes
54Hyun Jin IndonesiaManufacturingIndustry
55Icak Co.LtdRepresentative OfficeKPPA
56Idcomm, Co., LtdMarket ResearchMarket Research
57Ilwon Tech IndonesiaMetalWholesale Trade in Metal Goods for Construction Materials
58Ind Dong YangElectricalElectrical Building Construction
59Indo KingtexHousehold ItemsOther Processing Industries YTDL
60Inni Jamun KoreaMedical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment
61Inknara IndonesiaComputerWholesale Trade in Computers and Computer Equipment
62Intelligent Technology PartnersReal EstateOwned or rented Real Estate
63INTRA Commercial CorporationRepresentative OfficeKP3A
64Is Textile IndonesiaTextileWholesale Trade in Textiles, Clothing and Other Footwear
65Jamun Indonesia JayaMedical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade in Household Equipment and Supplies
66Jamun Medikal IndonesiaMedical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment
67Jay Dee IndonesiaClothing Wholesale BusinessWholesale Clothing Trade
68Jinsan Hydraulic IndonesiaWholesale BusinessBig Trade
69JMG Glory IndonesiaWholesale BusinessBig Trade
70Joh Yang IndonesiaWholesale BusinessBig Trade
71Jtnet Processing IndonesiaOffice Equipment WholesaleWholesale Trade in Office Machinery and Equipment
72JukoinCoffee, Tea, CacaoLarge Trade in Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
73Jung Angsa IndonesiaManufacturingIndustry
74Kapol IndonesiaAgricultureAgricultural Products Distributor
75KDB BankRepresentative OfficeKP3A
76KICA IncRepresentative OfficeKPPA
77Koem Bordir JayaEmbroideryApparel Industry (Convection) from textiles
78Koin Maju Internasional (Pusat)Medical Health EquipmentWholesale Trade in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment
79Kokio Jaya IndonesiaChicken RelatedBreeding Purebred Chickens/ Cultivating Laying Breed Chickens
80Korea International TradingTrade IndustryLarge trade
81Korea Telecom IndonesiaTrade IndustryLarge trade
82Koviko Indonesia JayaCar RelatedBody Industry
83Kumkangkind Engineering IndonesiaMetalWholesale Trade in Metal Goods for Construction Materials
84Kurnia Jaya IndonesiaErectionWholesale Trade in Metal Goods for Construction Materials
85Kydo IndonesiaManufacturingIndustry
86Logis All Global IndonesiaTrade IndustryLarge trade
87Lotte Land IndonesiaManagement ConsultingConsultation Management
88Maju Berkah TransTrafficTransportation Management Services
89Matahari Import TechTrade IndustryWholesale Trade in Machinery, Equipment and other Supplies
90Maju Inti Niaga Teknology Indonesia (Minti)ManufacturingIndustry
91Mister Dakgalbi IndonesiaRestaurant IndustryRestaurant
92Mitra Nano GlobalTrade IndustryLarge trade
93Mitra Total SolusiTrade IndustryLarge trade
94Moimstone Dasan Indonesia (MDI)ComputerWholesale Trade in Computers and Computer Equipment
95Moungyo Goup IndonesiaChalkLime Industry
96Naga Emas SentosaRestaurant IndustryRestaurant
97Nesia Pan Pacific ClothingManufacturingIndustry
98Next Transformtect IndonesiaComputer ProgramOther Computer Programming Activities
99Osy MedHealth EquipmentHealth equipment
100Park Seung Chul InternationalCafeBakery & Cake Products Industry
101Pis InternasionalTextileWholesale Trade in Other Goods from Textiles
102Pungkook Indonesia One PusatManufacturingIndustry
103Rangga Jaya IndoChemistryWholesale Trade in Basic Materials and Chemicals
104Rajawali Property IndonesiaAdvertisementAdvertising
105Rumah Makan CintaRestaurant IndustryRestaurant
106S Won techTradeLarge trade
108Sam And AndyKitchen Appliance Trade IndustryWholesale Trade in Household Equipment and Supplies
109Samtong Java NaturalTradeLarge trade
110Sehat Panjang UmurTradeLarge trade
111Sejung Sejahtera IndonesiaTradeLarge trade
112Seyang ActivwearTextileApparel Industry (Convection) from textiles
113Shin Woo MuliaManufacturingIndustry
114Sinar Indah Jaya Abadi (SIJA)TradeWholesale Trade of Various Kinds of Goods
115Sinokor Transportation IndonesiaDomestic DistributionDomestic Liner Sea Transport for Goods
116Sin Sung IndonesiaKitchen Appliance Trade IndustryMold and Kitchen Equipment Industry
117SNC Tib IndonesiaManufacturingIndustry
118Song Manna SejahteraTradeLarge trade
119Ssang Yong IndonesiaManufacturingOther Goods Industry YTDL
120Stagenet Indonesia JayaHousehold ItemsWholesale Trade in Household Equipment and Supplies (Import of LED Lights)
121Stic Investment Inc.Representative OfficeKPPA
122Success Winner TechTradeLarge trade
123Sukses Bersama DaudCar Rental RelatedRental and leasing activities without option rights for cars, buses, trucks and the like
124Sungai Besar IndonesiaTrade IndustryWholesale Trade of Office and industrial Machines, spare parts and equipment
125Sun Jin PolymerPlastic TradeWholesale Rubber and Plastic Trade in basic forms
126Sunny Sales CenterGrocery TradeWholesale Food and Beverage Trade
127Sunray Co. LtdRepresentative OfficeKPPA
128Three WinElectricalElectrical Building Construction
129Tri Pilar SinergiAutomobileTrading Car Spare Parts and Accessories
130Triara Bintang MajuTradeLarge trade
131Topindo SentralErectionWholesale Trade in Metal Goods for Construction Materials
132Total Solution And PowerTradeBig Trade
133Tube Jaya IndonesiaManufacturingIndustry
134TVS Operation IndonesiaOffice Equipment WholesaleWholesale Trade of Office and industrial Machines, spare parts and equipment
136Unison World LinkWatchWatch Wholesaler
137Wijaya Resto AbadiRestaurant IndustryRestaurant
138Winni InternationalCommunicationWholesale Trade in Telecommunication Equipment
139Win Trans JayaCirculationTransportation Management Services
140Won Clothing Co.LtdRepresentative OfficeKPPA
141Yayasan AndiokIncorporated AssociationFoundation
142Yayasan Easy GolfIncorporated AssociationFoundation
143Yay. Penyandang Cacat Taekwondo Indo.Incorporated AssociationFoundation
144YB GlobalTradeWholesale Electronic Spare Parts Trading
145Yejin Beauty OrnamentEyelashesFake eyelashes